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Become a Patron of Quilt For a Cause, Inc. with your tax-exempt monetary donation.

All donations go to Quilt for a Cause, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization which uses the art and business of quilting to pursue advances against breast and/or gynecologic cancers by raising funds for research, by continuing the education of medical professionals, and by supporting clinical organizations that raise awareness, offer detection and provide treatment.

Donate a Quilt

QFaC began accepting quilts in September 2014 for out 5th Fundraising Auction to be held early in October 2016. The deadline for donating quilts is August 1, 2016.

The 2016 quilt donation form is two sided. 

Quilt Donation Form

A donated quilt can be dropped off at any of these locations.

The 2016 event will showcase quilts at a silent and live auction. Silent auction quilts will hang for a month prior to the event in the halls of Tucson Medical Center. Quilts will be used for pre-event publicity and fundraising and will hang in a variety of medical and business offices until the official start of the silent auction at Tucson Medical Center.

We do not accept  old or used quilts.  We do however, accept vintage quilt tops and orphan blocks that were bequeathed to your family or friends. As volunteer efforts permit, they will be finished to be included in the auction or at QFaC fundraising venues. Contact Suzanne Irving to discuss donations of vintage tops or blocks.

The 2016 proceed recipients will include  TMC Foundation and St. Elizabeth Health Center.

Quilt Specifications

Quilts donated to QFAC must be of new construction, and include a 3” sleeve across the top of the back of the quilt. [Instructions below]. If your quilt already has a wider hanging sleeve that’s all that is needed.
Quilt size suggestions are minimum of 18” in any one direction and maximum of 90” in any one direction. Please “No unfinished quilt tops will be accepted”.
Based on sales from prior QFaC Auctions, “Theme” quilts are encouraged. Possible themes include, but are not limited to: Floral Garden, Southwest, Asian, Stars, Holidays, Baby & Juvenile, Traditional, Modern, Animals and  quilts with a  “Strong Visual Impact”.

Thank you!

On behalf of our family and friends who have survived or succumbed to breast & gynecologic cancers, please help us MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this fight against cancers!

Questions/comments please send email to

How to Make a 3” Hanging Sleeve

  1. Once your quilt has been quilted measure the width of your quilt. Cut a strip of fabric that long less 2 inches and about 7 inches wide.
  2. Hem both ends of the strip.
  3. With the WRONG sides together, sew the strip into a long tube.
  4. Press the sleeve flat with seam running down the center of the sleeve.
  5. Lay the sleeve on the back of the quilt with the seam facing the quilt. Position the sleeve about ½ inch from the top of the quilt.
  6. Whipstitch the top and bottom edges of the sleeve to the back of your quilt, being sure to leave the ends open so a hanging rod can be inserted.
  7. Another option would be to sew the sleeve lengthwise with wrong sides together and attach it to the top before the binding is attached.


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