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All 2016 Auction Quilts Have SOLD, Thanks to all our Supporters

Quilt For a Cause will host another fundraising Quilt Auction on October 15, 2016. We are currently accepting quilt donations until August 1, 2016. Quilts are hung through out the Tucson community at the “Buy me Now” price, so if you spot one you like please feel free to let us know.  Email auction@QuiltForaCause.org for additional information.

Thank you for your donations!

Wall Hanging size quilts – Quilts of varying sizes meant to hang on the wall or be used as table toppers or table runners.

Medium Throw size quilts – A quilt you would like to curl up on the couch with, typically measuring between 45 and 70 inches.

Larger Bed size quilts – Quilts that will be used for covering a bed, Bed quilts typically measure greater than 72 x 72 inches. Check out this chart of bed sizes.

Specialty Quilts for Children or Holidays – Quilts that are whimsical, cuddly, cute that the little ones will like or quilts that help you celebrate world holidays.

Pink Ribbon Quilts— Quilts that best represent the QFaC Mission.

Gabby Giffords Quilts — Quilts donated by Gabby Giffords to support QFaC.

Sold Quilts — Quilts sold to date for the 2016 Auction.

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