Children’s quilts

Whimsical, Cuddly, & Cute quilts for the little ones.

16-021 2 Times a Charm
Made by Annette Meyer. In a charm quilt, each patch is different. Fabrics are only used once. Cancer is the same. It is unique to each individual. When you look at this quilt, see the variety of people fighting cancer. Size 72" x 86".
Available Qty: 1
Price: $420.00
16-018 Learn Your ABC's
This quilt is dedicated to Mary O'Dette. The ABC panel was hers. I added fabric and created a baby quilt that I thought grandparents would want to give a baby. Mary died too soon. Made by Pam Ashbaugh. Size 30" x 39"
Available Qty: 1
Price: $150.00

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