Lap quilts

Quilts measuring between 45 and 71 inches.

Bear's Paw   13-027
This quilt is one of 21 quilts generously donated to Quilt for a Cause by Babs Phillips. (Previously Loved Quilt) Size: 46x55".
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Daisy Chain  13-276
This quilt was made in honor of my brother who lost his battle with cancer at age 37. The quilt pattern was designed by Lynda Luiten, owner the Quilters Market. Lynda used this pattern in one of her Stripper Club Classes in 2012. Joy thanks Lynda for her permission to use this pattern. Size: 58"x73".
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Cathy and Kathy
This quilt was made in honor of our dear friend, Kathy…..a breast cancer survivor! We are "sister-friends"! Size: 46"X54".
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Pinwheels in the Desert  13-271
All of our members are over 60 years of age and cancer has touched all of our lives in one way or another. We are grateful that we are able to contribute to this great cause in our small way. Size: 57"x70".
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Flores de Mexico  13-266
Dedicated to all men and women facing a cancer diagnosis and to the health care providers who support them. Also to my young friend Sarah McKinnon who lost her life to metastatic melanoma in April 2012. Machine quilted by Linda Powell. Size: 57"x57".
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Willy Wonka's Garden  13-265
I am dedicating Willy Wonka's Garden to my sister-in-law Bettina Anthony, who died of breast cancer in 1999. Size: 67"x67".
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Diminishing Squares  13-261
Fondness for a cause due to death of sister from breast cancer. Quilt made in class when "Catalina Quilts" was in business. Quilted with washable wool batting. Size: 48"x48".
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Happy Hearts  13-253
Everybody needs to be surrounded by "Happy Hearts" and this quilt is filled with them. Size: 47"x47".
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Bright Intertwinings  13-250
For my Mom who survived both uterine and breast cancer to live almost 93 years! Machine quilted by Barb Angerhofer. Size: 56"x72".
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Pizzazz!  13-248
Our vision is a cancer-free world. We hope this quilt will contribute to our goal. Quilt created by Jo Getchen, Nancy Daisher, Natalie Furrey and Christie Kroger with machine quilting by Jo. Size: 53"x64".
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Clear Waters, Peaceful Fish  13-247
Since I discovered quilting 3 1/2 years ago, I have experienced real joy in creating beauty, especially through the depression and dizziness resulting from a non-cancerous auditory tumor. Sharing beauty and contributing to the well-being of women and to those who love them is sheer pleasure. Size: 59"x60".
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Black and White and Pink All Over  13-246
Sixteen women worked on this quilt. Give quilters an opportunity to come together and work toward a common goal, and they will rise to the task every time! In this case, the "Strip for a Cause" ladies generously gave of their time and talents to make quilts that would ultimately assist in the on-going battle against women's cancers within our community. Three of these women have passed away. Size: 56"x72".
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Quilting with Friends  13-245
As a newly formed quilting group, we wanted to make a quilt together to share our knowledge and work as one. This is our first effort as a group and we are thrilled with the results. Machine quilted by Moreen Yunck. Size: 59"x74".
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Friendly Neighborhood  13-244
"Friendly Neighborhood" is dedicated to Betty Hayden, a founder of the Tucson Quilters Guild. This is a block exchange of Betty's friends. Machine quilted by Barbara Angerhofer. Size: 45"x56".
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Oh My Stars!  13-238
Judy Carlson and I made this quilt to honor all fighting the cancer fight. Size: 52"x68".
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Bird's Eye View  13-237
Linda Moss and I made this quilt to honor all fighting the cancer fight. Size: 46"x56".
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Monterey Angel I  13-232
I love making quilts! To all of my "quilting sisters" that have been touched by cancer, may this angel send love and healing energy to each and every one. Let's find a cure soon! Machine quilted by Jessica's Quilting Studio. Size: 60"x60".
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Jungle Fever  13-231
In memory of those who lost the battle with cancer. Size: 42"x52".
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Autumn Memories  13-223
I am donating this quilt to honor my sister who is a cancer survivor and is now battling Alzheimer's. Size: 52"x52".
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Nantucket  13-220
With hope that this can make a difference. Size: 64"x74".
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