Quilt For A Cause Awards 2019 Grants & Triennial Auction Opens at Tucson Medical Center

Quilt For A  Cause Awards 2019 Grants &

Triennial Auction Opens at Tucson Medical Center

Volunteers hung quilts in the TMC halls on September 21st. The Silent Auction continues through 3 p.m. October 24th.

Autumn 2019 brings the traditional triennial auction to the halls of TMC.  On Saturday, September 21st, about 30 volunteers assisted QFaC Directors in hanging almost 300 quilts throughout the halls.   Additional quilts were added after the close of the Tucson Botanical Gardens exhibition on September 29, 2019. 

Small wall quilts .

Even while the quilts were being installed, visitors and staff were selecting the quilts on which they want to place bids.  Each quilt has a starting bid with increments going up to a Buy Me Now price.  Print your name and contact information on the line by the price you would like to bid.  However, buyers do not have to wait for the auction to end on October 24th.  A quilt that touches your heart and says to you that it really must have a home with you can be yours.  Place your name on the Buy Me Now line and follow the directions on the bid sheet to have Quilt For A Cause make arrangements to complete the sale with you.  Be sure to buy or enter your bid by 3 p.m. October 24, 2019. 

. . . and larger quilts. See the bed-size quilts, also.

Quilt For A Cause, Inc. donates proceeds from all quilt sales and other fundraising activities to organizations in Tucson and southern Arizona which provide screening, treatment, support services and/or research for breast and gynecologic cancers.  All proceeds from the 2019 Auction will be donated to the Tucson Medical Center Foundation in support of TMC’s new Genetic Counseling Program.       

In addition to the ongoing auction, on September 27, 2019 Quilt For A Cause hosted The Giving Celebration at Tucson Botanical Gardens to say Thank you to the many quilters and volunteers who have donated their handiwork and time to make QFaC’s philanthropy possible and to give checks to the organizations receiving Quilt For A Cause, Inc. 2019 grants.  Information for future grants can be obtained by contacting QFaC through this website.    

QFaC President Terry Gallegos presenting 2019 grant check to representatives from St. Elizabeth’s Health Center.

This year grants were awarded to El Rio Health Center Foundation, St. Elizabeth’s Health Center, Arizona Oncology Foundation, Bag It! and Tucson Cancer Conquerors.  Congratulations to the successful grant recipients and thank you for the work you do with people in our communities in the fight against these cancers! 

Thank you, also, to the women and men throughout Arizona, many U. S. states and several countries around the world who help make it possible for Quilt For A Cause, Inc. to have donated almost one million dollars since the first auction in 2003. 


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