2019: Looking to the Future

2019: Looking to the Future        

The new business model Quilt For A Cause adopted in 2018 proved successful as our organization began to sell quilts throughout the year at various venues rather than focusing on one triennial auction.  With that goal in place, new goals for 2019 are developing. 


In 2019, Quilt For A Cause, Inc. seeks to:

  • Find a site that is accessible and permanent where quilts, boutique items, patterns, display racks, quilt stands and signage can be kept in one place. Quilt For A Cause, Inc. is operated entirely by volunteers.  Storing quilts and all the associated inventory used in sales and trunk shows in various Directors’ homes is no longer adequate.  A single, climate-controlled site will increase efficiency and offer opportunities to distribute workload among Directors.
  • Develop venues, new and current, to sell quilts. The quilt exhibit and sale at Tucson Botanical Gardens in 2018 demonstrated that retail sales can be successful with new audiences and in areas we have not previously entered.  Additionally, the popular triennial auction will continue with the 6th QFaC auction upcoming in Autumn 2019. 
  • Increase donations of handcrafted quilts to sell. The more QFaC sells, the more quilts we need to keep the inventory available.  The Tucson community, particularly the Tucson Quilters Guild, has been a major donor of quilts over the years.  Guilds in Green Valley, Sierra Vista, the Phoenix metro area and more also support QFaC with donations.  We thank them and ask for their continued support.  Handcrafted quilts are not only functional, but also, art.  QFaC’s outreach with quilt sales offers the women and men who make these beautiful quilts the opportunity to have their art seen, loved, purchased and used. 
  • Seek agencies and organizations that may be worthy recipients of QFaC philanthropy. Until recently, QFaC had a relatively small number of recipients of funds.  Our organization wants to use the funds we raise to the best advantage as we share in the work of fighting breast and gynecologic cancer.  2019 will introduce a new application process to qualify to become a QFaC philanthropy recipient. 
  • Bring new people onto the QFaC Board of Directors. Growing outreach always needs new people, new ideas and more helping hands. 
  • Increase the funds raised. QFaC started small and each three-year auction cycle brought growth.  Since inception, QFaC has raised about $875,000.  Help us make 2019 the year we cross one million dollars raised.    

Our Mission:  Quilt for a Cause organizes the donation and marketing of handcrafted quilts, quilt-related products and activities to raise and distribute funds to organizations in Arizona that provide treatment, support services and research for breast and gynecologic cancers. 

If you would like to participate with us in this mission, explore the pink ribbon at the top of this page.  You can buy or donate a quilt or join us in our work.  Click on Contact above. 

We are looking forward to an active and successful year and wish you an active and healthy 2019. 


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