May 2017

‘May 2017 Activities’


Diana & James Montgomery, winners of the Time Is of the Essence quilt raffle, April 2017.

James and Diana Montgomery celebrate their new quilt.

The Montgomerys, who live in Green Valley, are the happy new owners of Time Is of the Essence.  They bought the winning ticket at the “Wag and Walk” event sponsored by Arizona Oncology in Green Valley on April 15th.  QFaC and Arizona Oncology Foundation (AOF) shared a table at the event and enjoyed meeting many of the guests.  AOF offers support services for cancer survivors currently battling cancer as well as those who have completed their treatments.  Cancer survivors need not be or have been patients of Arizona Oncology to use AOF services.  This AOF broad outreach and willingness to use QFaC donations in accordance with our mission makes our partnership a strong one. 




l-r: Time Is of the Essence quilter and Board member Sue Irving, Diana Montgomery and QFaC vice president, Colleen Babcock



The raffle of Time Is of the Essence was QFaC’s initial partnership with AOF.   Ticket sales raised $560 for AOF at the Cheers, Wag and Walk and Open House events in April.   Time Is of the Essence includes a vintage top made from men’s shirts and ties and completed with new batting and backing.  The backing is a unique fabric print featuring men’s pocket watches. The lovely quilting finishing it was provided by Quilt For a Cause (QFaC) board member, Sue Irving.  

We at QFaC look forward to more projects in partnership with AOF as we use the skills we have learned and love in the art and business of quilt making and our determination to help women and men fighting breast and/or gynecologic cancers.   

QFaC Treasurer Joan Swanson presents a check for $415 to AOF’s Ron Bridgemon from Time Is of the Essence raffle tickets sold by QFaC.


Look for us around Tucson and southern Arizona.  We sell original quilt patterns, handmade quilts of all sizes, bed, art, lap, etc., and several smaller items at quilt shows, other venues and through this website.  We partner with Tucson Medical Center to provide a major quilt auction, usually triennially (recent auction, 2016).  Donations are accepted.  Click on the Donate link above.  Watch this website for information coming later this summer about our bus trip to Road to California, 2018.  








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