A Garden of Quilts

A Garden of Quilts 

Quiltfolk Issue 6 – Arizona

Board Member Evelyn George and Quiltfolk Editorial Director Mary Fons

Quilt For a Cause is very excited to be featured in QuiltFolk Issue 6 — Arizona.  Suzanne Irving open her home to QuiltFolk staff and current and past QFAC board members in early January.  The issue has been mailed to all their subscribers and it is beautiful.  Lovely photos, lovely quilts and certainly very special people.  

A dozen other quilt related people and groups are also featured in the Arizona issue including Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, The Migrant Quilt Project and the Life and Quilts of Goldie Richmond from  Desert Vistas (Southern Arizona).  The Valley of the Sun includes Lenna DeMarco, quilt restorer and historian;  Sharon Schamber and Christy Fincher , a family of quilters;   Bari Ackerman, better known as Bari J., a fabric designer; The Art Show in Chandler and The Cutting Edge Quilt Shop all representing quilting arts in central Arizona.  The Happiest Quilter in Arizona  Emma Mary Martha Andres,  the Red Rock Quilters Guild and the Quilters Store from Sedona are featured from Northern Arizona.

The photos, writing, and depth of understanding of the art of quilting is beautiful done.  Don’t miss reading this issue or for that matter any issue of QuiltFolk.  

Karen Kelter, Carol Carpenter, Natalie Furrey, Ruth Martin, Evelyn George and Jain Barrett


Arizona Quilt Guilds are so Generous 

Board members, family and friends were busy participating in several quilt related activities during March.  We were able to share information about QFAC, sell patterns and raffle tickets.  Thanks to all who visited us at these events during March.

Hummingbird Stitcher’s Guild hosted  Quilts in the Huachucas March 3 and 4, 2018 in Sierra Vista.  The guild provided Quilt For a Cause with a booth where President Terry Gallegos.board member Judy Tenen and Judy’s daughter Julia managed our booth.  Terry, Judy and Julia sold patterns and handed out lots of information about QFAC.  Thanks to the Hummingbird Stitcher’s for hosting this event.


Ann and Sandy at Saddlebrooke


Saddlebrooke Friday Quilters – Ann Adams and Sandy Zajicek set-up and managed the booth at the bi-annual Saddlebrooke Friday Quilters Show on March 18.  Carol Zupancic and other guild members arranged for a wonderful spot for our booth just inside the entrance to the show.  Our two new patterns,  Constellation Stars  and Fun with Log Cabins were on display. The event garnered $380 in pattern sales and donations. Thanks to the Saddlebrooke Friday Quilters for their continuing support of QFAC.


Connie at the AQG Show



Arizona Quillters Guild – QFAC,  as an affiliated member of AQG, displayed our Delft Duet Raffle quilt and a show specific raffle prize of a Collection of QFAC Patterns.  Board Members Suzanne Irving, Connie German and Carol Carpenter sold $530 worth of Delft Duet Raffle Tickets.  Thanks to AQG for providing QFAC with space to sell the raffle tickets.



Splendor in the Desert

Valley Quilters Guild – The Valley Quilters Guild invited QFAC to participate in their vendor area at their 2-day  Splendor in the Desert event on March 23-24.  Colleen Babcock, Ann Adams, Connie German, Karen Kelter and Sandy Zajicek managed the booth and sold patterns and shared information about our cause. A big thank you to Peggy Schultz and the show committee for all their efforts to create a great show.


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