A Garden of Quilts – May 2018

A Garden of Quilts 

Quilt for a Cause ~ Opening night for the Garden of Quilts display at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Board member Judy Tenen awaiting our quests.



A warm Arizona evening and the peaceful setting of the Tucson Botanical Gardens presented a gorgeous backdrop for our Quilt for a Cause: A Garden of Quilts Opening Reception. The Botanical Gardens offered free admission to guests attending the reception and many people attended. The evening began with the staging of several beautiful homemade quilts in the main reception area, just a small example of the many quilts to view or purchase throughout the grounds of the Gardens. Our stunning raffle quilt “Delft Duet” was on display at the entrance offering guests the opportunity to view the quilt before purchasing raffle tickets.

Board members Sandy, Susan and Jacquelyn prepare for our opening reception.

Our guests, including board members, family and friends, extended supporters and the general public were treated to delicious appetizers, served by lovely volunteers. Cold beverages were also provided. Guests were encouraged to tour the gardens and buildings to view beautiful quilts that are available for purchase. Docents acted as tour guides and were available to answer questions about the quilts and our Quilt for a Cause organization and mission. Quilts were also available in the gift shop for purchase. Within a very few days, over 60 quilts have been sold. Thanks to all of the hard work of many volunteers, the Opening Reception was a successful fun filled evening.

Delft Duet our Tucson Botanical Garden Raffle Quilt, drawing July 29th.

If you missed the opening reception, please take the time to visit the Botanical Gardens as A Garden of Quilts display will continue through July 29, 2018. Regular entrance fees to the Gardens will apply. This is a great opportunity to view the colorful artwork of many southern Arizona quilters and purchase a beauty of your own to support Quilt for a Cause. Raffle tickets are available for sale at the Botanical Gardens and online.

Tucson Botanical Gardens welcomes Quilt For a Cause with Floral quilts scattered throughout the gardens.

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