Carol Carpenter – The maker of quilts

by Carol Carpenter

Carol tells her story:

Carol with her quilt “All Buttoned Up” at the 2019 Tucson Quilters Guild Quilt Fiesta!

I started my sewing history as an attendee in a department store class for early teens. From there I went on to make dresses, skirts, pantsuits, etc for many years until I was just no longer satisfied with homemade clothes and/or the results of my own sewing attempts. I then did very little sewing for a couple of years until a friend offered to teach a quilting class for six weeks one summer. I still have that little Irish Chain quilt. That started my quilting journey which so far has lasted twenty-five years. Many of my quilts have been shown in the Tucson Quilters Guild (TQG) shows and I’ve had two different quilts included in the American Quilter’s Society (AQS) QuiltArt calendar. Two quilts were accepted into competition in the AQS (Paducah) and International Quilt Association (IQA), Houston shows. This fall another two quilts will be exhibited in the IQA show in Houston, TX.

A beautiful example of Carol’s machine applique


Piecing is my favorite part of the quilting process, and I have also delighted in learning so much about color and value over the years. As I see myself struggle with a pattern, then figure it out and improve in my quilting skills, I’m encouraged to keep at it and attempt something new as often as I can. I also enjoy machine applique’. My opinion of hand quilting and hand applique’ is that the results are gorgeous, but life is too short for the time it takes! My great-grandmothers and grandmothers on both sides of the family transformed worn women’s dresses and aprons into material for creating comfy bed quilts for our family. My mother was a talented seamstress, but never ventured into quilting.



Encouraged by Quilt For a Cause (QFAC) directors, I began donating quilts to QFAC in 2003 for the first Tucson Medical Center (TMC) auction. Since that time, I have donated over eighty quilts to QFAC, 42 of them for the current 2019 auction cycle. It is my hope that other women who have also been faced with breast cancer can benefit from our mission to raise funds to help in the fight against breast and gynecologic cancers. I joined the QFAC Board of Directors in the fall of 2014, serving in the area of Quilts in the Community. Finding offices in town to hang our beautiful quilts for sale, particularly those involved in the women’s cancer fields, has been an ongoing process that is so rewarding. Handing a purchased quilt to a woman undergoing treatment is a special blessing, as I can encourage her to remain hopeful as well as diligent in the process of her treatment and paying attention to her overall health. And of course, she gets to take that beautiful handmade quilt home to hang on the wall or relax under its comfort in her home.

Delft Duet – QFAC 2018 Opportunity Quilt on display at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

One of my favorite quilt donations was the 2018 opportunity quilt, Delft Duet, which I pieced, and Suzanne Irving quilted. This quilt raised over $2300 for our cause in 2018.

An Evening Out on display at Alice Rae Lingerie shop – this quilt is available for sale on the QFAC website.








I’ve enjoyed working with my small quilt bee in the making and donation of collage quilts, based on Laura Heine Patterns, that were specifically designed to appeal to women in the process of cancer treatment.


Being on the Board of Directors has broadened my scope of the needs in our community, as well as what a non-profit organization is all about—how it functions, what are its parameters, how to set and effectively accomplish goals. The sense of purpose, the generosity of time and talent of our directors, and the friendships I’ve developed make any time I invest in our goals worthwhile. I strive to be an asset to the current team, to continue to make and donate quilts and to make a significant difference in women’s lives in our community and beyond.


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