Pink Ribbon Quilts

Pink Ribbon Quilts – Quilts that best represent the QFaC Mission to use the art and business of quilting to pursue advances in breast and/or gynecologic cancers by raising funds for research, by continuing the education of medical professionals, and by supporting clinical organizations that raise awareness, offer detection and provide treatment for all women.

19-535 Chantilly in Cream by a Friend of Quilt for a Cause
A mesmerizing quilt that engages your attention with its glittering and overlapping stars and then focuses your gaze on the perfectly cut roses in the centers of the large stars. Perfect as a lap quilt or table topper. Size 54 x 54.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $210.00
19-509 Sugar and Spice by Jacquelyn Duncan quilted by Janell Duncan
This quilt, in pastel pink and white, screams fresh and modern for the smart, young girl in your life. Excellent quilting adds interest to the blocks and strips. Check out also the beautifully pieced backing. Size 68 x 82.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $300.00
19-498 Stash Buster #1 by Linda K Taylor
Perfect for a happy newborn. The sweet pinks and greens and soft quilting of this simple but elegant patchwork quilt will have baby and mom cooing and cuddling from the very start. Expecting twins or even triplets? Check out 19-501 and 19-504 for beautifully coordinated quilts. Size 34 x 41.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $90.00
19-394 Hope by Sherry Kistler quilted by Quality Quiltz
Coupling a 1960s vibe with a modern feel, this one-block-wonder quilt is pizzazz personified. Perfect for the right bedroom. Size 60 x 68.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $300.00
19-374 Pink Sunset by Susan Didra
Pow! The pinks of this quilt make a modern statement that will delight the girl in your heart. Size 42 x 42.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $120.00
19-255 Garden Steps by Kay Ijams quilted by Julie House
Dramatic florals against a soothing aqua background combine to produce the perfect girls’ throw. Size 50 x 50.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $150.00
19-234 My Valentine by Carol Carpenter quilted by Linn Lindley
Charming table topper for a get-together with the girls, or a wall hanging for just the right niche. Size 15 x 41.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $90.00
19-221 Pink is for Curing by Mary B. Buchanan
A rose of a quilt from Texas. Donated with love and best wishes in memory of all survivors. Size 61 x 78.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $240.00
19-214 Back in Top Form by the Northeast Nine Patch Bee quilted by Kris Neifield
Flowers for the well dressed, Back in Top Form is the latest in a series of dress-form wall hangings to support women facing and surviving a diagnosis of cancer. Size 23 x 52.
Price: $250.00
19-165 An Evening Out by Northeast Nine Patch Bee quilted by Char Gasker
A lovely wall handing for a ladies' sewing or dressing room. Adapted from the "Perfect Form" pattern by Laura Heine and one of a series, An Evening Out encourages all women who have faced, will face, or are facing breast cancer. Size 21 x 32 inches.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $195.00
19-137 Sassie Cassie by Northeast Nine Patch Bee quilted by Kris Neifeld
A vibrant tribute to health following diagnosis and treatment. Wonderful quilting sets off the feminine bouquet. Size 23 x 31.
Price: $225.00
19-127 Order Dessert First by Jo Ann Rice Quilted by Donna Goldbeck - Golden Rule Creations
Cake and pie and ice cream, oh my. A charming lap quilt or wall hanging, Order Dessert First brings to mind a child's dream of sweets, perhaps at a county fair. Size 45 x 61.
Price: $225.00
19-119 Pink Crib by Lena Merkel Dahlo
A beautiful 1930s era baby quilt, Pink Crib contrasts crisp white with luscious warm pink blocks to create a clean, modern aesthetic. Hand quilted. Use gently. Size 43 x 53.
Price: $113.00
19-118 Helix Spirals by Peggy Tanksley quilted by Julie House
The piecing and quilting designs of Helix Spirals simultaneously suggest the DNA code that gives life to us all and create an abstract, eye-popping image to grace the walls of any office or home. Size 47 x 43.
Available Qty: 1
Price: $450.00
19-111 Pretty in Pink by Cecelia D Carter
Pretty in Pink is a very soft and pristine quilt. Tiny prairie points around the border are the envy of other quilters. This vintage quilt is very clean. Size 74 x 86.
Price: $338.00
19-025 In My Heart Always by Joyce Bott
Several close friends and relations have battled female and breast cancer. As a result of the hard work of QFaC so much help has been provided for research and treatment. What a way to be able to do a small part- use my stash and making a quilt (which I love to do) to donate. Size 36 x 51 inches.
Price: $135.00

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