March 2016 Activities

March Activities – Lots of Fun!

Sixteen very special QFaC quilts were documented by the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project on March 15.  The quilts are the ones shown on the covers of our Quilt For a Cause patterns.  Sue Franklin, Terry Grzyb-Wysocki, Kate Clark and their dedicated team photographed and examined each quilt in great detail!  They will be entered into the Quilt Index, an online database housed at Michigan State University, among many thousands of other quilts being documented all over the country.  Thanks to the Arizona History Museum and the wonderful documentation team who made this possible.  Every quilt has a story, and we are so honored that our pattern quilts and their story are becoming part of the official record –they will be available for viewing on the Quilt Index next year.

The Arizona Quilt Documentation Group documents sixteen of the quilts shown our the QFaC pattern covers. March 15, 2016

The Arizona Quilt Documentation Group documents sixteen of our pattern  cover quilts. March 15, 2016


The Quilt For a Cause trunk show was warmly welcome in Green Valley, at the Valley Quilters Guild.  Evelyn George told the enthusiastic audience about how Quilt For a Cause, Inc. got started, and how 99% of funds raised at auctions and other quilt related events are used to help win the fight against breast and gynecologic cancers, thanks to the volunteer efforts of many generous people.  Colleen Babcock, Ruth Martin, Catherine Mombourquette, Jean Owara and Joan Swanson displayed the collection of Quilt for a Cause pattern quilts.  Quilters at the meeting then bought their favorite patterns, to make their own versions.
Also displayed were several of the quilts which have been donated for auction.  The lovely quilt, “Picture Yourself in Perfect Health,” is shown with its maker, Jane Smith of the Valley Quilters, and its happy new owner, Gretchen Limawood.

Evelyn George presenting the QFaC Trunk Show at the Valley Quilters Guild meeting on March 17, 2016. Top picture shows the pattern buying session and the bottom picture show Gretchen Limawood the buyer of Jane Smith's quilt "Picture Yourself in Perfect Health".

Evelyn George presenting the QFaC Trunk Show at the Valley Quilters Guild meeting on March 17, 2016.

The Saddlebrooke Friday Quilters invited Quilt For a Cause to their quilt show again this year and we certainly took them up on the offer. The show was magnificent! The Friday Quilters are a very talented group of folks. Joan Swanson, Terry Gallegos, Colleen Babcock, Jean Owara, Evelyn George enjoyed visiting with the shows guests, shopping at the boutique and selling many patterns.  Thank you Friday Quilters you are a very special group.

Saddlebrooke 2016

Board members Evelyn, Terry, Joan, Colleen with Saddlebrooke guests.

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