My Quilt For A Cause Journey

by Susan Brown

Susan Brown, third from the left. The raffle quilt, Embers of Hope, at this 2017 event is one of Susan’s masterpieces

Have you ever wanted to be more active with charity organizations but did not know where or how to start? Are you afraid it will be too draining from a time or emotional standpoint? I, too, used to have these concerns, so let me take you on a little journey on how I overcame those concerns and became involved with Quilt for a Cause.

I became introduced to Quilt for a Cause back when I first started working at Quilter’s Market in 2006. At that time three of my co-workers, Kitty Fleming, Kathy McCulloch, and Pat Morris were board members and were getting ready for the annual auction. They explained that they received donated quilts and had both a silent and live auction of those quilts at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) with the proceeds going to help fight breast and gynecologic cancers. Sounded interesting but I did not see how I had anything to add.

Susan’s first quilt donation to QFaC

I was recruited during the 2009 cycle to help hang the quilts at TMC and assist with taking them down at the end of the auction. The excitement during the event was great and I heard many stories of how the organization was helping, but I still could not see what, if anything, I could do. I also thought involvement would require me to interact with cancer patients and I knew emotionally I could not handle that.

During the next cycle (auction in 2013), I was approached by Kathy McCollum and asked if I would consider making and donating a quilt. I was extremely flattered and thought, “really, a quilt I make could help this organization raise money?” I learned that the answer was, YES! I could be of help by both volunteering my time and donating quilts!! I was thrilled to find a way to participate by just doing the things I love! I found that I love making quilts for donation, and my quilts do sell to help raise money.

Susan’s lovely quilt was the prize in another fundraising raffle.

In 2015, I was once again approached by a QFAC board member, this time I was asked if I had a quilt they could use as a raffle quilt. I showed them what I had available, and it was quickly snatched for a raffle that was held in 2015.

In July 2016, the board vice-president, Colleen Babcock, made a Quilt for a Cause presentation at Camp Wannamakaquilta (Tanque Verde Guest Ranch) explaining in detail the organization’s work. She further stressed that the organization was in desperate need of worker bees, and especially a few people with computer skills. As I was sitting there, I realized that I had some skills other than quilting that they could use. I approached Colleen and told her I thought it was time that I became more involved. I expressed concerns about taking too much time or emotional involvement, but she explained that it was a volunteer organization and that I did not have to participate in anything that made me uncomfortable.



I have been a Quilt for a Cause Board Member since 2016, and I am now serving in the capacity of Vice President.

Your skills and help are appreciated by the many who benefit from QFaC efforts.

Want to get more involved, think you have nothing to offer, think it will take too much time and emotion, WRONG! Everyone has something to offer! The time and emotion are yours; it feels good to help make a difference!







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