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Joan Gilbert won Embers of Hope at the Garden Event on September 16, 2017


Quilt For a Cause presents checks!

Quilt For a Cause is delighted to make donations to both Arizona Oncology Foundation and St. Elizabeth’s Health Center to support the needs of cancer patients in Southern Arizona.  

Becky O’Hara and Ron Bridgemon of Arizona Oncology Foundation accept donation from Quilt For a Cause Board Members: Colleen Babcock, Susan Brown, Karen Kelter, Evelyn George, Carol Carpenter Suzanne Irving, Joan Swanson, and Ann Adams

Quilt For a Cause Board Members Colleen Babcock, Carol Carpenter, Suzanne Irving, Susan Brown, Evelyn George, Ann Adams, Joan Swanson join Jane Bakos, Melanie Morgan, Karrie Cravens and Troy Carpenter from St. Elizabeth’s Health Center for a donation presentation.

Quilt For a Cause is growing.  Would you like to join us?

Since 2003, QFaC has raised almost $860,000 to fight against breast and gynecologic cancers. We are developing additional partnerships, seeking to increase our outreach.  Would you like to join us in this challenging and fulfilling work? 

There are several ways that you can join the QFaC effort.  Check the ribbon at the top of this page to see quilts for sale in the Gallery or the Donate menu to learn how to donate a quilt or become a patron.  And, if you live in the southern Arizona area, donate your time and work by joining our Board.  Currently, we are a board of eleven people who accept the challenge and are finding fulfillment in the work of this nonprofit, all volunteer organization.  Recently, we asked among ourselves why we do this work.  The responses were enlightening. 

I am a breast cancer survivor.  I want to help other people who are facing this disease that I have been fortunate enough to beat. 

I have donated quilts and volunteered at the auctions.  My admiration for the goals and the work toward those goals that QFaC does made me want to take a more active role. 

I lost my mother to cancer.  When I participate in QFaC’s fundraising and donations to organizations that help women, I feel like I am honoring my mom. 

I believe in giving a helping hand whenever and wherever I can.  Quilting is my hobby and learning that I could help people while enjoying my hobby was an impetus to join the Board.  Now, I get to quilt and encourage other people to quilt, work at selling those quilts and see that the money raised does so much good for organizations that serve cancer patients.

A couple particular incidents come to mind when I think about why I do this work.  First, when we gave a cash donation to St. Elizabeth’s Health Center in December 2016, tears came to the eyes of CEO Jane Bakos who said that they had just encumbered the last of their money that morning.  The QFaC donation would see them through to the new year.  Secondly, when Tucson Medical Center opened the new Joel M. Childers Women’s Center in January 2017 and I saw Quilt For a Cause’s name on a plaque on the donor wall, I knew I was doing good work and helping where help was truly needed and available.  

We may not ever be able to stop cancer from happening, but medical science is always learning and new ways to help patients are being developed.  Quilt For a Cause strives to assist this effort.  It’s something I can do. 

Is it cliché to say I believe in the Golden Rule?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I don’t know if I will ever be a cancer patient and I don’t work on the QFaC Board because I expect somebody else to help me if cancer is in my future.  Throughout my life, lots of people have helped me in various ways.  I like that I have this opportunity to do something for others.  I am healthy and capable.  Why not help?  It’s sort of a statement of thanksgiving. 

QFaC is expanding our outreach with new partnerships and fundraising activities.  Would you like to join us?  We need more helping hands and generous hearts caring about a cure for breast and gynecologic cancers.  You do not need to be a quilter.  There are lots of jobs to be done.   For more information, contact Terry Gallegos, terrygalqfac@comcast.net; Colleen Babcock, cj.qfacvp@gmail.com; or Ruth Martin, saguaroquilter@gmail.com. 


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