Star Shower Wins at Road to California

Star Shower Wins at Road to California!

Star Shower features the Big Dipper amongst a shower of red stars.

Star Shower is a pattern sample for Quilt For a Cause, Inc’s pattern Constellation Stars.  The pattern was designed by recently retired QFaC Board Director, Evelyn George.  Evelyn belongs to a Tucson “bee,” the Piecepatchers, a group of fourteen women who made the quilt top.  Suzanne Irving, a longarm quilter and also a recently retired QFaC Director completed the quilt with a creative design including stars, comets and spirals.
The quilt, originally named Ruby Constellation, was entered by the Piecepatchers into the Tucson Quilters Guild 2018 Quilt Fiesta! commemorating the Guild’s 40th show, Ruby Jubilee.  It was awarded first place in the Group Quilt category, the exemplary award for machine quilting and the special viewers’ choice ribbon for best red and white quilt at the Ruby Jubilee.



Best Group Quilt Road to California Quilters’ Conference and Showcase.



After its stellar introduction at the Tucson Quilt Fiesta, Suzanne renamed the quilt  Suzanne renamed the quilt Star Shower and entered it in other shows in Arizona where it has won additional ribbons.  It was accepted into the juried Road to California show that took place in late January in Ontario, CA.  Entries in this show come from around the world.  Both Quilt For a Cause Directors and the Piecepatchers join Suzanne in being thrilled with “Star Shower” winning the Group Quilt award at the 2019 show.  Suzanne and the Piecepatchers agree that the $1,000 prize, sponsored by Yazzii International Pty Ltd., will be given to QFaC.  Thank you, Suzanne and all the ladies who contributed to making this beautiful quilt!




Suzanne Irving with Star Shower    Road to California, Ontario, CA 2019

Suzanne reported that while at the show she enjoyed seeing the enthusiastic response to the quilt that was viewed by over 40,000 people.  She said it is very rewarding to be able to use her love of quilting to help in the fight against breast and gynecologic cancers.  In addition to quilting new quilt tops, Suzanne has quilted many vintage quilt tops, one of which, Petals and Plume” was included in a special exhibit, In the American Tradition, at Houston International Quilt Festival in 2017.  She was ecstatic when it sold for $3,300 at the QFaC exhibit at Tucson Botanical Gardens this past summer.  

Suzanne says that she will be submitting  Star Shower to more national quilt shows to continue to spread the word about Quilt For a Cause. . . and maybe pick up some more ribbons and prize money, too!!  

Pattern Designer Evelyn George




Constellation Stars is available for purchase in the Pattern option on the ribbon above.  Make your own star shower or another beautiful quilt using the Quilt For a Cause patterns.  Or buy a quilt from our Gallery.  All sales support the QFaC mission to help in the fight against breast and gynecologic cancers. 








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